Moontachi Gaiden

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The Neon Prism game

This season of Moontachi Gaiden is composed of three separate Arcs of story. Serving as the initial gap bridging between The Crystal Symphony and Heaven’s Pillar.




     The region of Korola is under peril threat from the hands of Steffbird and Team Halteese. Requesting

aid from Alistor and his party, The Kingdom of Mathias sets him out on this quest. Taking his mind away

from his main quest for the time being.  He confronts Captain Steffbird for the first time never expecting 

to face an ally that previously helped them. What does the Captain have in store for them? Will he leave

them a whale of a surprise?






     Along with Maigashi, Alistor decides he needs  to take a vacation as well. Setting to the Island of

Crescent  Star for the Crescent  Moon festival and to watch the annual martial arts tournament.

A strange team known as Surinami partakes in this year’s annual competition. Sponsored by a

man in pink going by the name of Kanzo what does he have in store for Crescent Star. With a 

Sacred stone and a forbidden tower. Was life all based on chance?




     By the time they arrive back on shores a new force of evil have already begun  emerging from under

Mathias. Known as the Bamboo, they seek to expand taking  advantage of Mathias recovering  after

from its initial destruction from the hands of the Crystal Vortex and Baronia. More than ready to begin

they set out with the help of Havok and Kabuki to give them all they got. What does this Prism of

Wonders hold in store for them with the next Valaura Crystal he’s seeking.