Moontachi Gaiden

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Season 1 (TBA)
Maiden of the Silver Light
(Season 3)
The Rise of Baronia
(Season 2)

Now Available!

Crystal Symphony
(Season 4)

The Neon Prism
(Season 5)

Current Projects and more.

Viper's Labyrinth Concept's added 7/17/14

In a crazed feudal world flipped upside down from the culture of 80’s cheese. 
Alistor, ventures out on an insane prolonging quest to resurrect his lost love Rena who died in battle at the hands of Moon. He must endure villains from Pop culture to Hair metal demons,
emerging to have their voice heard parodying a decade that blasted our past.

Fantasy, Fiction, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural.

Available on hardback, paperback, and the Nook and Kindle for download.